Release Dates: Movie – Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead – 2014

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Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead (2014)

Barry plans to kill them all in an explosion, but Benny instead sacrifices himself to turn into a zombie so Brooke can control him to overpower the soldiers. He kills two of the three soldiers, but the captain kills him and shoots Brooke in the chest. Barry challenges him to a fistfight but ends up shot when the captain retrieves his pistol. After shooting a zombie, the captain’s face is splattered with zombie blood, and Barry ignites his head with the matches.

Before Barry can shoot him, Brooke rises and commands a horde of zombies to eat the captain alive.

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The director of this year’s blood-soaked horror comedy Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is pushing for a Wyrmwood game. According to the interview, Roache-Turner is in the early stages of making the game a reality, which he envisions as an open-world title. You could really make a story out of it. The possibilities are fantastic. You know us; you know them. The intention is for the movie’s escalating plot structure to be converted into game mechanics, according to the director potential plot spoilers in the next paragraph.

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When does Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead come out on DVD and Blu-ray? DVD and Blu-ray release date set for August 4, Also Wyrmwood: Road of the.

This article contains plot spoilers. If you do not yet know of this information, it is recommended that you read at your own risk or not at all. Twelve years have passed since the end of the rat plague and Corvo Attano, Royal Protector and Spymaster of his Empress and daughter Emily Kaldwin , worries of his own age. He starts looking for an apprentice among members of the Dunwall City Watch selected by Watch Officer Alexi Mayhew , and is eventually impressed by Officer Martha Cottings during a sparing session.

The same night, Corvo wears his mask and, with the help of the powers granted to him by the Outsider’s Mark , tracks down the rumor of an incoming contraband shipment among Dunwall’s criminal underworld. This leads him to the Old Port District where the Roaring Boys , a splinter faction of the Hatters , are unloading their newly acquired cargo hidden from city officials. The Lord Protector starts taking out his foes one after another, but his plan is botched by the discovery of a young boy by the gang members.

The boy, whose face bears the likeness of Corvo’s long estranged sister Beatrici , escapes from his grasp.

Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead Blu-ray

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Academic journal article Irish Gothic Journal. The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water – the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter. Zombie films have historically displayed a tendency to be framed within an ecopolitical narrative – think Dawn of Dead both the original and its remake , Day of the Dead , 28 Days Later , and Land of the Dead , for example.

Like these, Wyrmwood is a film of its time which seeks to capitalise on fears regarding pollution, scientific misconduct, natural fuel shortages, and shifting power dynamics. Such themes, of course, closely parallel the Mad Max films, including the recent Mad Max: Fury Road , a film to which Wyrmwood has been repeatedly compared. From the films’ subtitles Road of the Dead vs. Fury Road and depiction of the post-apocalyptic disintegration of society, to the way in which each posits female characters as not only being integral to a new way of life but actually the key to ensuring humanity’s survival, these films are indeed comparable.

The theme of resurrection may be located at the heart of both these films, but there is one marked distinction between Fury Road and Wyrmwood: where the former ultimately maintains a largely serious tone, the latter mostly takes an irreverent approach. What’s more, the world is beginning in Fury Road, and follows a road in the Australian outback that ultimately leads to a promise of rejuvenation and rebirth; by contrast, Wyrmwood travels along a road of the dead.

For the protagonists in Wyrmwood, the world as they knew it is ending, a fact which not only drives the narrative trajectory but also provides the basis for much of its black humour. Within the first few high-octane and bombastic moments of the film, the tone is set.

‘Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead’ Gets U.S. Release Date

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were twenty patients on the fourth floor of Wyrmwood, ten in each wing. Samantha had never been told everywhere, the security. The out-of-date uniforms and.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Australian zombie horror. Following a meteor shower a vast number of the population turn into flesh-eating zombies. When his wife and daughter succumb to the apocalypse, mechanic Barry Jay Gallagher makes his way across the outback to rescue his sister Brooke Bianca Bradey , though he is unaware she has been kidnapped by an experimental scientist known as The Doc Berryn Schwerdt.

Along the way Barry meets fellow survivor Benny Leon Burchill and the two team up as they battle their way through hordes of zombies. Skip to main content. Buy new:. Only 12 left in stock more on the way. Add to Basket. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

In the aftermath of a comet breaking up over Earth, most of the planet’s population quickly succumbs to a strange disease which turns them into “zombies. Trapped in a wilderness teeming with living dead, one of the survivors, Barry, has lost everything except his sister, Brooke. But even as the disaster unfolds, Brooke is kidnapped and dragged to a terrifying medical lab run by a psychotic “doctor”, who is performing a series of deranged experiments on plague survivors.

With a healthy dose of Mad Max-inspired vehicular mayhem and an enormous serving of pure, raw talent, this raucous post-apocalyptic epic is one of the most original and wildly entertaining genre films in years! Special Features Include:. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (Kiah Roache-Turner) Australia Guerilla Films. (This review contains spoilers). The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a​.

I love it when a plan comes together. Their crowdfunded zombie road movie, Wyrmwood: Road of The Dead, is the epitome of a labor of love. Taking nearly four years to complete and shooting only on weekends, their film has gone on to amass quite the following and even enjoyed a brief theatrical release, before its worldwide release on DVD. However, there is still room for maneuver, should it be approached the right way and not be afraid to stray from the usual tired formula.

In a few ways the two films are strikingly similar while, in practically every other, they really are worlds apart. With both men writing, Tristan producing, and Kiah taking his place behind the Canon 5D, they appear to have found their true calling and the proof here is in the pudding. And what a dainty dessert it is too. From the opening five scene which grabs us by the short and curlies and gives them a twist, we are in their capable hands and Wyrmwood hits the ground running and seldom slows down to take stock.

After what is effectively a rip-roaring thirty-minute prologue, the film susses out its algorithm and sets off in more linear fashion. Our boys with toys, Barry Jay Gallagher Benny Leon Burchill and Frank Keith Agius , have got any niceties out-of-the-way and have each lost something precious to them as the zombie apocalypse has picked up speed.

Wyrmwood – Road of the Dead (2014)

Here sits the Wyrmwood dice tower on the desk. The map from Deven Rue is an inspiration. The wood comes from Central and South America. Here is what the people of Wyrmwood have to say about it. One of our most highly varied woods in hue, it ranges from warm and subtle plum to vivid, cool shades of violet. Over time, the color will mellow to a rich tint.

aprecieri, 49 comentarii – Wyrmwood (@wyrmwoodgaming) pe Instagram: „​If you Do you have a launch date for the Kickstarter yet?

The screenplay concerns a mechanic who finds himself faced with zombie hordes. Roache-Turner’s directorial debut , [1] it had its world premiere on 19 September at Fantastic Fest. Mechanic Barry lives in the Australian outback with his wife Annie and daughter Meganne. During a meteor shower , Barry’s sister Brooke is attacked in her Bulla, Victoria studio by her model and her assistant, who have suddenly become zombies.

She calls Barry and warns him to get out of the city. He, Annie, and Meganne don gas masks and fight their way to the family car. When Meganne and Annie remove their gas masks they become infected and zombify, and Barry is forced to kill them with a nailgun. He runs out of nails before he can kill himself. Chalker, another survivor, finds Barry and knocks him unconscious when Barry attempts to kill himself with Chalker’s gun. Barry asks Chalker to take him to Brooke’s studio, unaware that a paramilitary group has taken her captive in the back of a truck that serves as a mobile lab for mad scientist Doc.

Wyrmwood Tabletop Tiles Game Trays

Remember Me. Co-written and directed by Kiah Roache-Turner, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead features telepathy, a zombie-fueled truck, plenty of living dead mayhem, and much more. Fans can pre-order their copies now at ShoutFactory. Trapped in a wilderness teeming with living dead, one of the survivors, Barry, has lost everything except his sister, Brooke. With a healthy dose of Mad Max -inspired vehicular mayhem and an enormous serving of pure, raw talent, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is a high-octane, visceral thrill ride that is a must for any horror fan.

I admittedly haven’t yet seen Wyrmwood, the Aussie horror flick the Wyrmwood TV IMDb page lists a rumored premiere date of

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Zusammen mit Frau und Kind will sich Barry auf den Weg machen um ihr zu helfen, als sie ebenfalls von lebenden Toten angegriffen werden. Show description in a different language. Written on May by K. This customer review refers to a alternative version. February by Jan.

The Making of WYRMWOOD

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